Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bhai Duj 2016

The other name of Bhai Duj is Bhau-beej. This festival is celebrated in all Hindu homes. This is also a celebration and a part of five day long Diwali celebration. On the day of Bhai duj, sisters pray for the long life and prosperity of their brothers. As a part of the ceremony, sisters put teeka on the fore head of the brother. In return the brothers give gifts to their sisters. This festival is observed in the month of Kartika.

The legend of Bhai duj
This festival is mainly recognized as a festival of brothers and sisters. Parents makes the bonding within their kids through the festival of Bhai duj. The legend of the festival is the backbone of all festivals in India. This festival makes the relation within siblings very strong. The rituals and maintained on this day makes the festival fill with love and affection.

This festival of Bhai Duj is celebrated across the states and in all most all houses in India. This festival has different names in different regions. In Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka the festival is called Bhai Bij, Bhau-beej or Bhav Bij. After Vijaya Dashami this festival is celebrated in Nepal in the name of Bhai Tika.

Bhai Dooj, Bhathru Dwithiya and Bhatri Ditya are common names of the festival.

The above names mentioned has a meaning. The first word means brother and the second word means a new moon. The Bengalis refer to this festival as Bhai Phota. Here phota means a mark given on the forehead. Sisters give a mark on the forehead of their brothers. This mark prosperity and the well being of the brothers.

The story behind Bhai Duj will take us back to history. This story is believed by many people. Lord Krishna is the brother of Subhadra. He killed the evil demon Narkasur. Then he visited his sister. His sister, Subhadra welcomed him and gave him a tilak with a mark on his forehead. He was given sweets and flowers. Following the tradition the festival of Bhai duj is celebrated.

The ceremony and the celebration
On this day the brothers promise to take care and protect their sisters. Sisters call their brothers on this special day. Then they apply the tika on the forehead of their brothers. Special dishes are cooked on this day. Sisters cook those dishes which are liked by their brothers. On this day the brothers give gifts to their sisters. It is a time for family reunion.

The Bhai duj gift
The various gift for Bhai duj are:
  • Bhaidooj Gifts Hamper
  • Teddy Bear
  • Chocolates
  • A jewelry tree
  • Necklace with the name engraved
  • Activist T-shirt
  • Top picks of cosmetics
  • Diamond Key ring

The Thali for Bhai Duj
The festival is supported by a Thali. On this special day a thali is made to apply the tika to the brothers. The things to keep on the thali are: a traditional oil lamp, paste of sandal wood, flower petals and sweets. This plate or thali is placed in front of the brothers by the sisters. With the sandalwood paste the tika is applied.

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