Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Choti Diwali

Diwali is a five day long festival. The day before Diwali is known as Choti Diwali. This day is also recognized as small Diwali or Naraka Chaturdashi. Choti Diwali is celebrated almost like Diwali, but is a smaller version. Few lamps are lit in the evening. People also burn few crackers in the evening. Choti Diwali has its own significance.

The history of Choti Diwali
Bali Pratipada is the other name of Choti Diwali. The word pratipada means below the opponent’s feet. If we look into history we will find a story behind Choti Diwali. There was a very powerful King call Bali. As Bali was becoming powerful, lord Vishnu appeared in front of him. Bali agreed to fulfill his wishes. Firstly, he wanted huge land. Bali gave him that. Lastly, Vishnu wanted Bali’s head. Vishnu came down to end the rule. So, when he asked for Bali’s head he gave it away. This way the rule of Bali came to the end. Bhudevi was the mother of Narakasur. She said that the death of Bali will be mourned. Rather, this day will be celebrated. Since then Choti Diwali is celebrated on this day.

The Celebration for Choti Diwali
The celebration for Choti Diwali is almost alike. The houses are decorated. Rangoli with colors and flowers are made. Small lamps which hold oil are lit in the evening. Many people also light candle in their houses. Burning fire crackers is a myth on Choti Diwali. The sky looks bright and beautiful with different crackers. Lord Lakshmi is worshipped in the evening. Relatives come to your places. The different dushes cooked uring this time of the year are: Badam Phirni, Gulab Jamun, Peda, Besan Ke Ladoo, Jalebi, Rasmalai, Channar Payesh, Karanji, Rawa Ladoo, Doodh Pak, Kesar Kaju Barfi, Shakkarpare, Gajar Ka Halwa, Kheer, Ghathia, Lapsi and many more.

Choti Diwali is one of the most famous festivals in India. The grand celebration is popular in every aspect. Everyone goes for shopping and the streets and roads of the city get crowded and decorated. There are offers and discount on shopping during Choti Diwali. The Marwaris and other communities send sweets and flowers to relatives and friend on this occasion. The sweet shops make special sweet during this time of the yaer. Everyone wears new clothes as it brings good luck. This time of the year people meet all young and old ones. The puja on Diwali is also a part of the celebration. Burning crackers on Diwali is must. All houses are decorated with oil lamps and light to mark the festival.

The new books on account are open and a betel leaf is kept inside the books. It is believed that it is a sign of good luck. The food prepared on Diwali by Marwari is known as Pucca Khanna. It is meant that the food is cooked in pure ghee. Puri and halwa is prepared on this day. Choti Diwali is also about ending the rule of the evil and welcoming the good. So, now you know all the details of Choti Diwali. It is also the time to wish all friends and family.

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