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Funny New Year Resolutions

New Year is the time that is celebrated with much fun. This is the time to forget about the past and look forward to a bright future. During the New Year time we hope that all the miseries of the past will not repeat in the New Year and therefore we look forward to make a new start. New Year resolutions are one of such efforts to make a new beginning.

As a part of New Year rituals we make a promise at the beginning of the New Year, which will make us a better person in the coming days. New Year resolutions can be made regarding adopting a new habit, changing an existing habit, adopting a new hobby, and so on and so forth. New Year resolutions are therefore a conscience effort to bring in changes to one’s life by making a promise not to repeat the same mistakes of the previous years.

Funny New Year Resolutions
Funny New Year Resolutions
 Hence, making a New Year resolution can be a serious affair. However, not many of us now-a-days take the affair of making New Year resolution very seriously. According to the people who will vote in favor of making funny New Year resolutions, New Year is the time of fun and enjoyment and hence, there is no scope to make a serious promise during the fresh year. Funny resolutions can help one in adding the fun element and necessary spices to one’s New Year celebration.

Now if you have decided to entertain your friends and family with your funny side, declaring your funny New Year resolution can help you in doing so. You can actually ignite the party spirit by declaring solemnly your funny resolutions.

Coming up with a funny New Year resolution idea isn’t at all difficult. With little innovation you too can conjure up ideas of funny resolutions. Think about the most unusual things you are expected to do during the New Year and you may hit upon the idea of making the most unique New Year resolution.

If you have decided to make a funny New Year resolution this year following are some tips to make it sound convincing.

  • Think about the most unusual thing.
  • Try to be innovating.
  • Don’t choose an obvious topic.
  • Try to sound convincing and confident.

Most likely a funny new resolution is one which you have no intention to keep. But a funny resolution will help adding the zing to your New Year party. To give you some inspirations as well as ideas we have make a collection of funny New Year resolutions which are both funny and innovative. Check them out.

  • I’m tired of running late, I’ll stop wearing watch.
  • I’ll keep my room tidy. I’ll stash all my dirty socks at the back of my closet.
  • I’ll not get into trouble with the DMV. I’ll drive close to the speed limit.
  • I’ll not drink drive again. I’ll sleep at the backseat of my car when I am drunk.
  • I’ll make sure that I don’t drive away from a gas station with the gas nozzle still attached to my car.
  • I have decided to come up with new excuses every time I want to take a leave.
  • If I have run out of stories, I will make new ones rather than saying the old one every time.
  • I’d read the manual before trying the new device as soon as I can remember where I have kept it.
  • I’ll maintain a safe distance in the road especially when I am driving behind a police car.
  • I will save water resource by taking little bath.
  • I have decided not to be a couch potato anymore. I’ll move the TV to the bedroom.

You can also send these funny New Year resolutions as New Year jokes to your friends and relatives. If you have a creative bent of mind along with a funny side, you will find bringing new ideas for funny New Year resolutions really easy.

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