Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Funny New Year Wishes

New Year is the time to celebrate. We meet and greet people and wish them happy and prosperous New Year. The history of New Year wishes is as old as the celebration. Even during the ancient time people used to send wishes to each other at the eve of a New Year.

According to the popular culture, New Year is the time to forget about the woes of the past year and make a fresh start. New Year messages are therefore full of hopeful thoughts and good wishes. However, it can’t hurt if you make your New Year wishes funny. Rather, it’ll help bringing in some fresh breeze to the celebration and cheer up the mood.

Funny New Year wishes are in great demand since they are funny and cute. They are especially high in demand amongst young adults. Many of them take this as an opportunity to crack a joke on their friends. New Year 2016.

Funny New Year wishes will help adding spice in life. Those will let you brighten up the mood and infuse anew energy to deal with the future. Funny new years wishes are great to make you forget about the hardships and failures of the past and will put a smile on your face.

Funny New Year Wishes
Funny New Year Wishes 2016
The web world is now full of funny New Year wishes. You can search the Internet or come up with your own to greet your near and dear ones. To help you get inspiration here is a collection of funny New Year wishes.

It’s time to get drunk and celebrate because my resolution for the New Year is to become sober.

For the last time take a look at the past, then forget all about it and enjoy a new year.

My wishes for you for the New Year
All your dreams would come true dear
May your stars shine brighter
And your life fills with glitter.
New Year 2016 

I wish you get 12 months of love,
52 weeks of happiness,
And, 365 days to get to see me!
Happy New Year 2016

Make a New Year resolution. This way you’ll get to break something apart from glasses.

Making a new year resolution is like drawing a check upon a bank where you have no account.

With little sense of humor and presence of mind you can actually create great funny wishes for the New Year. However, while doing so you need to remember not to go overboard. Your comments shouldn’t hurt others’ feelings. You need to be careful not to make raciest or sexist comments that may cause disapproval or anger. New Year wishes are special for both the sender and the recipient so keep them good humored and sweet.

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