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New Year Customs Around the World

There are different kinds of New Year customs throughout the world. As per mythology the New Year customs are maintained to bring good luck. Here we will discuss on the various New Year customs seen throughout the world.

The Chinese New Year customs
The Chinese New Year celebration takes place for 15 days. The Chinese calendar is based on the lunar cycle. As per their mythology they consider the dragon to be auspicious. So the New Year is incomplete without the Dragon dance. The young boys and girls prepare for this dragon dance for a long time. They also meet and greet people during the New Year. The Chinese dishes are made especially during this time of the year. The New Year time is a celebration time.

New Year Customs Around the World
New Year Customs Around the World
The Korean New Year
As per the Korean culture they call their New Year Sol Nal. They celebrate their New Year in January and it is based on the lunar calendar. As a part of the ritual and custom the Koreans use straw scoopers, sieves on their door and walls during the New Year. They believe that it protects their lives from the evil. The young ones in the family meet and greet the old members of the family. They will always start the day with fresh fruits. The Koreans wear new clothes during the New Year to mark the new beginning.

The Persian New Year
The Persians call their New Year as Noruz. On the New Year all the members of the family gathers around the sin table for the food. Here they pray and wish for the well being and happiness for all. They cook all spicy dishes during the New Year. The celebration starts from 12 midnight. They also meet the family members during the New Year.

The Iranian New Year
The Iranians celebrate the New Year in a unique way. They prepare the cloth of seven dishes during the New Year. This includes Sabzeh or sprouts, Samanu a kind of pudding, Seeb another name for apple, Senjed a special sweet, Somaq sumac berries, Serkeh or vinegar. As a part of the ritual they place coins on the table. They also keep a basket full of eggs to bring fertility to the family. The Iranians keep orange floating on the bowl to bring prosperity. Goldfishes are also kept during the New Year. A pot of flowering hyacinth or narcissus is kept to mark the New Year.

New Year in the western culture
The western culture celebrates the beginning of the New Year on 01 January. There are several things which they do as a part of the New Year culture. They consume black bean as it is considered to be auspicious. The celebration generally starts from the eve. The dishes which are cooked during New Year are delicious in taste. People also go to the church to worship. This day is always celebrated with lot of hope as we believe that morning shows the day. The way you spend the New Year day, show the way to the coming year.

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