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New Year Games 2016

The New Year Games are a vital part of the celebration. Here we will discuss on the different types of New Year games.

Ring and win
As a New Year Game you can arrange for ring and win. On a table place few gifts. The gifts can be a bunch of chocolate, a deo-spray, a set of perfumed candle or anything as per your choice. Now take a ring and tell your guests to throw the ring and place it on any gift. As someone places the ring on any gift then the gift will be won by the guest.

Search old magazines and get pictures of events. Now cut and paste the pictures on a scrap book. Tell your guests to guess the events. Similarly you can arrange to get pictures of old advertisement from the internet. Now you can get the pictures pasted on the scrap book. The one who guesses the correct advertisement will win the game.

New Year Games 2015
New Year Games 2015
Truth or dare
You can play the common game of truth or dare to add a bit of fun in the game. This game let the guests mingle and party hard.

Paper Dance
It New Years time your guests will be happy to dance. You can arrange for a paper dance. Here you can add few steps to the dance competition. In each step you can fold the paper. The last couple may have to dance in a very small piece of paper. This will add lot of fun in the game.

Musical Chair
Play the game of the traditional musical chair. This game will never be old. It stays young with time. Make sure that you arrange for chair before hand. The music should be in place. Play a party music to make the game more rhythmic.

Mask and dance
Keep few masks and then let your guests dance. This will be like a mask party. The masks should be different and very colorful. The new games in the party add a spark in the game. Thus your party will be a vibrant one.

You can give the name of a film to one guest. He will have to enact the name of the film without uttering a word. The other guests will have to guess the name of the movie. Keep small but exciting gift as prizes of the game.

Yes or No
One guest will come to the stage and say few things about themselves. The other guest will have to guess if it is a lie or truth. If true then they have to say Yes and if it is a lie then they have to say No. This is a very interesting game and your guests will surely enjoy it.

Guess the resolution.
Tell all your guests to write their resolution in a piece of paper. Then put all the resolutions in a box. Now you take out each paper and read out the resolution. The guests will have to guess whose resolution it is. This is a fun filled game. This will also let you know your each guests well.

The Dos and Don’ts
While you arrange for the games for the New Year Party remember few things.
  • Plan the games before hand.
  • The props for the game needs to be kept in place.
  • You should not run out of things while playing the game.
  • Keep the game easy.
  • Do not complicate things.
  • The purpose of the game is to bring your guests together.
  • Make sure that things don’t get serious.

Now you know what games to plan for and what exactly to do for the New Year party. The games should be arranged in such a way that if you have guest who does not know each other, even they will come close. One thing has to be taken care by you as a host. While playing the game, your guests should not get serious with the game. At times it is seen that the guests start fighting on silly issues for the game. Give equal opportunity to all. Let them not complain. The New Year Time is a time for fun and frolic. So, let there be fun and frolic around. You be a gentle guest. Arrange for interesting games. Let the party be one which your guests just can’t forget. You can also take help of few website and games book to arrange for games for the New Year.

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