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New Year Games

New Year is the time of fun and enjoyment. It is the time to share the common excitement of hopefulness and therefore people gather at hotels, pubs and restaurants to share the fun-filled moments of saying goodbyes to the current year and welcome the new one. During New Year time people arrange for get-togethers, parties and family picnics to enjoy the time with near and dear ones. To make the New Year gathering more fun you can’t ignore the importance of arranging for New Year games.

New Year games are special New Year themed games which people play during parties and get-togethers. The New Year games will help making your parties more fun and exciting. This can help you add the spice to your parties.

New years are celebrated with fun, dance, feast and drinks. But the games will take your party to all new level. Hence, if you are planning to add games to your New Year party, make sure that they match with the theme of your party and at the same time crazy and full of fun. Following are therefore some New Year games ideas to help you turn your party into a grand event.

New Year Games
New Year Games

Memory games You can arrange for some memory games where the guests will be required to remember three of the last year’s most significant events. You can also arrange it like a puzzle with the name of the event on one card and the date and time of happening on the other. The guests will then be required to match the events with the time of happening.

Guess a resolution
You can ask the guests to guess each other’s resolution. To make the game more interesting- take white paper and ask your guests to write five resolutions each. Then shuffle the papers and put them on a basket. You may then ask your guests to make a draw and guess whose resolutions those can be. You can also arrange for gifts for one who will make most number of correct guesses.

Find the bubble gum
Looking for more fun with your New Year game idea? Then you can arrange for the ‘find the bubble gum’ game. It is great fun and also cost effective. To play the game you will need- bubble gums, plastic plates and whipped cream.

Place some bubble gums on plastic plates and then cover the gums with whipped cream. There can also be some plates which will contain only whipped cream. Tie the hands of the participants at their backs. The guests are then required to find bubble gums with their mouths.

Guess the month
If you have a collection of old magazines then it is an easy game to arrange. Just dump some old magazines of the previous year on the table. Then you can draw a magazine and ask your guest to make a guess of its month without taking a look at it. Give away prizes for correct guesses.

Dumb charades
It is a very well known party game and can be played at any party, including New Year parties. Normally, people will take active part in it since the rules are known to most of them. Make some chits containing names of films and then ask your guests to make a draw. The person is then required to make other understand the film’s name only through signs. If the others can make a correct guess the credit goes to the guest who drew the chit.

This is a form of gambling game that involves numbers. Although the origin of housie (as it is known in India, New Zealand and Australia) is unknown it is one of the most popular indoor games during parties. You can buy a housie set which will contain set of cards with numbers and a Random Number Generator.

To participate in the game the guests will have to buy the tickets and the total money will remain deposited with the number caller to give away to the winners.

Choose your partner
This can be a fun activity where the couples will be blindfolded and then asked to choose their right partners. Often the men are blindfolded and the ladies are then asked to stand in a row. Men are then required to choose their partners without seeing.

Funny punishments can also be awarded to the person who will choose the wrong partner.

True or false
This can be fun. You can call your guests one by one at the centre stage and ask them to say something about themselves. The rest are then required to make guesses about whether the person is saying true or false. Who can make the most number of correct guesses will be declared the winner.

New Year games for kids

If you have decided to add kids to your guest list make sure that you make sufficient arrangements for them. Kids have the habit to grow bore very easily and hence, you need to plan carefully for games and activities which will keep them engaged.

Color the picture
You can have some coloring pictures, which you can ask your young guests to color. Who will be able to complete coloring the picture in minimum time will be declared the winner.

Fix the tail

You can make some cut outs of different animals and their tails and jumble them up. You can then ask the kids to find the right tail for the right animal and attach. This can also be a learning experience for them.

Blow the bubble
The kids can be asked to blow a bubble gum bubble. This can be extremely fun and the kid with the biggest bubble will be declared the winner.

It is an exciting game which will need parachutes, lightweight balls and some tapes. You will need enough number of lightweight balls so that each kid will get one. Attach some tape on each ball with the name of the kid on it. Then spread the parachutes on the floor and ask the kids to place their balls on top of it. You can then ask them to cover the ball with the parachute and pump it up and down. The kid whose ball will be the last one to fall from the parachute will be the winner.

Ring and win
As a New Year Game you can arrange for ring and win. On a table place few gifts. The gifts can be a bunch of chocolate, a deo-spray, a set of perfumed candle or anything as per your choice. Now take a ring and tell your guests to throw the ring and place it on any gift. As someone places the ring on any gift then the gift will be won by the guest.

Search old magazines and get pictures of events. Now cut and paste the pictures on a scrap book. Tell your guests to guess the events. Similarly you can arrange to get pictures of old advertisement from the internet. Now you can get the pictures pasted on the scrap book. The one who guesses the correct advertisement will win the game.

Truth or dare
You can play the common game of truth or dare to add a bit of fun in the game. This game let the guests mingle and party hard.

Paper Dance
It New Years time your guests will be happy to dance. You can arrange for a paper dance. Here you can add few steps to the dance competition. In each step you can fold the paper. The last couple may have to dance in a very small piece of paper. This will add lot of fun in the game.

Musical Chair
Play the game of the traditional musical chair. This game will never be old. It stays young with time. Make sure that you arrange for chair before hand. The music should be in place. Play a party music to make the game more rhythmic.

Mask and dance
Keep few masks and then let your guests dance. This will be like a mask party. The masks should be different and very colorful. The new games in the party add a spark in the game. Thus your party will be a vibrant one.

You can give the name of a film to one guest. He will have to enact the name of the film without uttering a word. The other guests will have to guess the name of the movie. Keep small but exciting gift as prizes of the game.

Yes or No
One guest will come to the stage and say few things about themselves. The other guest will have to guess if it is a lie or truth. If true then they have to say Yes and if it is a lie then they have to say No. This is a very interesting game and your guests will surely enjoy it.

The Dos and Don’ts
While you arrange for the games for the New Year Party remember few things.
  • Plan the games before hand.
  • The props for the game needs to be kept in place.
  • You should not run out of things while playing the game.
  • Keep the game easy.
  • Do not complicate things.
  • The purpose of the game is to bring your guests together.
  • Make sure that things don’t get serious.

Now you know what games to plan for and what exactly to do for the New Year party. The games should be arranged in such a way that if you have guest who does not know each other, even they will come close. One thing has to be taken care by you as a host. While playing the game, your guests should not get serious with the game. At times it is seen that the guests start fighting on silly issues for the game. Give equal opportunity to all. Let them not complain. The New Year Time is a time for fun and frolic. So, let there be fun and frolic around. You be a gentle guest. Arrange for interesting games. Let the party be one which your guests just can’t forget. You can also take help of few website and games book to arrange for games for the New Year.

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