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New Year Party Ideas

New Year celebration is incomplete without New Year parties. At New Year parties friends gather to usher the New Year with fun. New Year parties are therefore full of fun and activities. People will dance all night, eat and drink to enjoy the last moments of the current year and witness the beginning of the new one. For them it is the time to forget about all worries of the past and prepare themselves to welcome a new beginning with zeal and vigor. New Year parties are therefore considered as indispensable parts of New Year celebration.

New Year parties are often organized on the last day of the current year, i.e. on 31st December and hence are often called New Year Eve parties as well. These parties can be arranged within the family, with friends as well in offices. Abundant food and free flowing drinks are often common characteristics of New Year parties. As a tradition people dance and enjoy till the midnight and when the light goes out at the stroke of midnight people cheer by saying happy New Year to each other and conclude the party. However, some modern day parties may continue well after the midnight as well.

New Year Party Ideas
New Year Party Ideas
Now if you are endowed with the responsibility of organizing a New Year party and wondering where to begin here are some New Year party ideas to help you arrange the best one.

Check list of items for New Year party

There are few things without which you can’t organize a New Year party. These items are indispensable to make your new year party a success. Following is a check list of the items that you will need to organize the party.

Invitation: Make a guest list of the people you want in your party. Once you have decided upon your guest list send the invitations with sufficient time in hand if you don’t want them miss your party.

Theme: Now-a-days theme parties have really become popular for New Year Day parties. The theme for the party can be anything from retro, to beach, to disco. Depending upon the theme of the party you are required to arrange the decoration so that it matches with the theme. Inform your guests about the party theme and request them to dress accordingly. You can also throw a costume party for the same reason. Themes will make your New Year party more fun.

Decoration: One can’t think of a New Year party without decoration and one can’t also deny the importance of a brilliant decoration to make a party successful. A brilliant decoration is said to go a long way in creating the right ambience and set the right mood for the party. While decorating your house for the party you may however keep the theme of the party in mind so that the decoration complements the theme.

Food: New Year party is all about great foods and drinks. You may prepare the list of foods according to your guest list, i.e. if you have vegetarian guests at home you may have to plan a menu separately for them. The same theory applies if you have kids attending the party.

The New Year time is also the time for cocktails. You can decide about cocktail drinks based on the theme of the party. But if you have kids at the party, steer clear from boozes and restrict the drink list only to non-alcoholic beverages.

Dance: Arrange for great music. Keep a good collection of cds and records. A New Year party is incomplete without dancing. If you want you can also arrange for a DJ to spice up your New Year party. Remember to choose the songs carefully so that the collection contains your guests’ favorite songs as well.

Party games: Without the party games your New Year party will get dull. So, don’t forget to arrange for some great party games to keep the guests engaged. Plan some games in which the kids too can participate.

New Year party ideas
Recently themes have become the craze for New Year parties. One can now choose from the great many fun filled New Year party ideas to add sparks to your party. Following are some great party ideas to help you choose the best.

Film theme party
You can set the theme of your party upon your favorite film. You can ask the guests to dress up like the characters of the film. You can also stage a small portion of the film and add some famous lines of the characters in your dialogues. This will surely made your party most unique.

You can also keep the theme of film artists and film characters. Everybody loves to dress up like their favorite film characters and actors. Hence, the New Year party can be a great opportunity to play the part.

Cartoon characters
With each passing year we grow older. We can relive our childhood by dressing up like our favorite cartoon characters. You can dress up like Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry or Flinstones. You can also try playing the characters to make it more authentic. Keep the decoration as per the theme by decorating it with big cut-outs of famous cartoon and comic characters.

Fairytale theme
Old and young alike, we all love to dress like prince and princesses. Hence, fairytales make an exciting choice for New Year party ideas. You can also choose a particular fairytale for the party like- Snowwhite or Cinderella. You can ask your guests to dress up like- fairies, fairy Godmother, witches, dwarfs, sailors, pirates as well as prince, king and princesses. This will also let your guests use their imaginations and creativity. They can take pride of dressing up like their favorite characters.

Carnival theme
Looking for something wild? Then nothing will suit better than the carnival theme. Guests can dress up in colorful outfits and costumes. You can also arrange for professional clowns and acrobats to add zing to your party. Arrange for some games and food stalls. People are normally very enthusiastic about such party themes.

Disco theme
Are all your guests’ wild party animals? Then the most apt theme is the disco theme. You can relive the disco era of bright colors and magnificent style, while shaking legs to the great music of 70s and 80s. You can recreate the retro look and can even engage DJ to play the songs from your college days. Guests will take great fun in dressing up in bright colors, disco suits, bell bottom pants, big wigs, and outrageous headgears.

Traditional theme
You can perform some of the old customs and traditions by keeping the traditional theme for your New Year party. Ask your guests to dress up in periodic costumes and also arrange for some rituals to perform together. You may keep the food items strictly traditional to play up fully to the idea.

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