Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New Year Party

Are you planning for a New Party? You must be thinking to make the pary which is different from all other New Year parties. You are at the right place to discover what new things you can do for the New Year Party. Your party needs to be different; it should be one which people will remember life long.

The necessary arrangements

As you plan for a blast on the New Year, there are few necessary arrangements which you need to do for a New Year party. The list below mentions the necessary things to be done for the party.
  1. Arrange for the countdown timer as you enter the New Year.
  2. The party can be theme based.
  3. There must be few games.
  4. You can serve wine or champagne.
  5. The food must be prepared based on the theme of the party.
  6. The table must well place.
  7. The music must be pleasing.
  8. You may arrange for a small dance floor.
New Year Party
New Year Party
The theme party

The New Year time is the time to welcome the new beginning with hope. If you have planned to arrange for a party at your place then the best idea will be to arrange for a theme party. Let us now focus on the different types of theme party.

Alfresco dinner party: You can give a summer delight feeling in your New Years Party by making an Alfresco party. With this theme you will have to cover the table with gingham tablecloth. Here you can use delicate lanterns and Vintage tableware. Fill all the vases with all country flowers. Hurricane may be used to decorate the pathways. Get grilled food and colorful salad for dinner. The food must be fresh and at dessert keep cream puddings. Serve chilled wine or champagne in the drink. Party animals will love elderflower cordial as a non alcoholic drink.

Arabian Night theme: You may also make the ambience like an Arabian Night. Then you have to make Desert, sand dunes, quality fabrics, music similar to the Arabian night. The room must be decorated with harem and there should be drapes and cushions in the room. As it will give a complete Arabian night effect. The place must have a glamorous Bedouin tent and there should be torch lights in the pathway. If you want to make a perfect Arabian Night then arrange for some belly dancers. The food at this theme party should be very spicy. You can keep kebabs and biriyani. All the dishes must be spicy. The drinks must be creamy. You can keep a Turkish delight.

The other themes

The other themes which you can use are mentioned below:
  1. The Big Band Swing party: Use Canapés and martini for this party. This party should be filled be dance and music. If possible keep a dance floor for your guests to get a complete big band swing effect.
  2. Caribbean Night Theme: This theme is based on beach. If you can make a beach like effect in your garden, it will put the best effect. Use lot of sands. You will have to keep enough cocktails in this theme. Use proper music for this theme. Tell your guests to wear bright and colorful dresses. Serve bright cocktail at the party. You may arrange for a barbeque. The Caribbean style of food is fish in coconut milk. So, you may serve this to your guests.
  3. Casablanca Party Theme: This theme is a completely based on films and movies. You may use posters to decorate the place. The music which will support the ambience is “As time goes by.” You can tell your guests to dress up as Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. Rick’s café, palm trees and cocktails are a must for this party theme.
  4. Cocktail Party: This theme is completely a theme based on James Bond style. You can include various types of cocktail in this party. This is a sophisticated theme party. Play classy music and use candle lit dinner. The sophisticated party etiquettes should be maintained in this party.

The party food

The New Year food has to be exclusively. The different kinds of food which you can make are:
  • Creamed Chicken. Omelette aux Confitures.
  • French Rolls, butter, assorted Cakes.
  • Spanish Olives. Celery. Pickles.
  • Green Turtle Soup, Croutons.
  • Baked Yams. Cauliflower au Grating.
  • Julienne Potatoes.
  • Oranges, Oatmeal and Olives.

Now you know how to arrange for a New Year Party. Plan for the best and amaze your guests. This kind of parties will surely let you be the best host. Prepare for a great theme party and then add the magic of your hospitality. There is no comparison to your hospitality.

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