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New Year Resolutions

New Year is the time when people make resolutions. The resolution is a commitment to meet personal goals in life. A New Year Resolution should not be broken. Here we will focus on the New Year Resolutions.

Top 10 New Year Resolution for 2015

We will discuss on the top 10 resolutions which people make during the New Year.

Time to family and friends

Time is important and we all are running out of time today. People are busy in their jobs and different other commitment. In this busy schedule, they forget to give time to their dear and dear ones. Among the list, family and friends are given the least time. So many people make a New Year resolution to give time to friends and family. So, when you make this resolution, plan a New Year trip with you close friends or family. This will make them happy. But make sure that you give them time throughout the year and only during New Year as you made a resolution.

New Year Resolutions
New Year Resolutions
 Stay fit and fine

Exercise, gym class, swimming, yoga keeps you fit and fine. People take a New Year resolution to be fit and fine. They promise to themselves to join any of the fitness classes. These classes help them to be fit and fine. As a New Year Resolution they promise to stay fit and fine. But the fun is in continuing with the classes. There is no fun if you join the classes for few days and then forget it.

Weight Loss

It is observed that most of the people are over weight through different countries. So, as a New Year resolution people promise to lose weight. They eat less. They go to a dietician and follow a strict diet. This way they manage to lose weight. A diet is not always a remedy to lose weight. They also join gym for the same cause.

No Tobacco

We all know how harmful tobacco is for our health. Still there are people who smoke regularly. New Year time is the best time to give up smoking. Study on human behavior has shown that many people quit smoking as a New Year Resolution. This is an ideal time to stop smoking. But the challenge lies in how you do continue with this resolution. But if you have said no to tobacco as a resolution in the beginning of the year then make sure that you maintain it. It is for your benefit and the benefit of others too.

No to Alcohol

There is no better time to give up drinking. You may be a social drinker. But New Year is the best time to say that alcohol will not be consumed by you. You may be a social drinker or you may be a regular drinker. But drinking should not be encouraged. A New Year resolution is a promise to your self. So, encourage your self to drink less and gradually give it up. It will help you to lead a better life.

Life is beautiful

New Year is the time to realize that nothing can be more beautiful than life. So, promise yourself that you would celebrate life occasionally. All time dedicated to work makes life dull. So, celebrate life. Enjoy every occasion. Take out time for yourself. Spend some time in isolation. However, you may spend some time with your family members and friends too.

Say NO to debt

Clear out all your debts. A debt free life is worth living. So, if you have debt in your name then try and clear them. You might face a bit of problem to clear your debt. But the feeling after clearing the debt cannot be described in words. New Years time is the best time to clear your debt and a new life.

Learn something

You do not know the hidden talent in you. You might sing well or can dance. The piano may be played by you in a beautiful way. So in the New Year time learn something new. Your hidden talent needs to be discovered. You may learn an instrument, sports, music or art. When you were a child you might have thought of learning something. Now even you can fulfill that dream of yours. Search the web and know where you can learn to nurture your talent.


It is said that charity begins at home. So, help people around you. It is important to take out time and help the people who are staying with you. Moreover, you can join any NGO. Donate and make it a habit during the New Year. A bit of charity is good for all. You may visit any Home for old people or orphans and promise to visit them regularly. There is different fun associated with such organizations. So, this New Year, go ahead and help the ones who need your help.

Be organized

It is very important to organize your self. How would you feel if every time you find it difficult to get things which you have kept somewhere else? So, you need to organize yourself a little. Things will be easier for you. Keep things at their respective places. Organize all your paper work. Even the soft copies need to be organized. File up things. Give appropriate names. This will save your time and help you a lot.

Few tips of New Year Resolution
  • Be Honest.
  • Plan your destination.
  • Work hard.
  • Believe in your self.
  • Practice for perfection.
  • Go for a better education.
  • Try a better job.
  • Be fit.
  • Lose excess weight.
  • Manage the stress.
  • Reuse, reduce and recycle.
  • Save money for the future.
  • Make the right investment.
  • Plan a trip in a year.
  • Volunteer wherever required.
Things to remember

While you plan for the New Year resolution you need to remember few things. The things which you should remember are mentioned below:
  • Make realist plans.
  • Execute your plan.
  • Plan effectively. To remove laziness, join a gym class.
  • Larger goals need to be broken down in various goals.
  • Make sure that you follow your resolution.
  • New Year resolutions should be practical.
  • Stick to your fight.
  • Follow the resolution.
Now you have an idea about what are New Year resolutions. The coming New Year you can make the best resolution of your life. Don’t make tough resolution that it becomes difficult for you to follow. Make simple resolutions and follow them. Thus life will become beautiful as you will reach your goal gradually.

The new rays of the sun say….
Let there be love
Let there be hope
Let there be smile
Let there be joy
Let there be rhythm
Let there be peace
In whatever you do and wherever you go…….

“An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.”

Every New Year is a new beginning. So, any promises that you make get a new push from within to follow it. Try to follow your resolution and you will surely reach your destination.

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