Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Origin of New Year

The Origin of New Year will take us back to history. Here we will discuss on how the New Year Start. We will also focus on who started it and why it was started?

The History of New Year
As per the Roman mythology the New Year celebration started, to pay tribute to the God of doors, beginnings and gates. This day has been dedicated to the god called Janus. The month of January is also named after Lord Janus. This god marks the beginning of the year as it is two faced and has one face facing backward and the other facing forward. The New Year time is a time when we say good bye to the past and welcome the future. The Roman Emperor Julius Caesar established 01 January to be the New Year.

With the spread of Christianity New Year celebration also spread. Before this establishment and during the early medieval period New Year was celebrated during 25 March. This day was the Annunciation Day as per Catholic belief. Gradually the whole world started celebrating New Year on 01 January.

The second king of Rome had divided the year in 12 months. He added two months January and February. Thus the year was calculated based on the lunar cycle. Earlier one year consisted of 10 months and the New Year was celebrated in March. With the Pagan Festival the New Year was started to be celebrated in January. Gradually the Roman New Year Date was abolished. The Gregorian calendar was established and beginning of the year was celebrated on 01 January.

The New Year Now and Then
Few things which are a part of New Year are common in yesterday and today.
  1. Resolution: New Year is the time when people promise new things. The promises during the New Year are meant not to be broken. This custom is popular since ages.
  2. Auld Lang Syne: This is a Scottish song which is sung during the New Year.
  3. Black eyed pea: During the New Year, in many parts of US people consume black eyed pea as it is considered to be auspicious.
  4. Since 600 B.C. in Greece a baby is used for New Year Celebration to mark the beginning.
  5. New Year gifts play a vital role in the lives of the people. While one wishes Happy New Year to their near and dear ones, they also give gifts. The different kinds of New Year gifts are homemade chocolates and cakes, cookies, Photo frames, Fresh flowers, Cards and many more.

The New Year
New Year is the time to welcome the new beginning. People from all over the world celebrate New Year in different ways. This is the time when people worship to have a good year ahead. The special dishes are also cooked during this time of the year. This time, take out time for your family or friends. Hope for the best during the New Year time to get the best for the entire year.

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