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Ugadi - Telugu New Year 2016

The people in the Deccan region of India celebrate their New Year as Ugadi. They celebrate the New Year in March or April. Here we will discuss on Ugadi - Telugu New Year. So you will be able to know about various customs and rituals of this festival.

The Telugu New Year 2016
The Telugu New Year marks the incoming of the spring. So, this time is considered to be lucky and auspicious. The people from South India follow the lunar calendar. Based on this calendar the Ugadi the Telugu New Year is celebrated. Ugadi is derived from the word Yuga which means era or epoch. The others who celebrate and share the same New Year are Kannada, Marathi, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. The day starts with oil bath. It is believed that the New Year time is the time of good luck and prosperity. This time is the most auspicious time of the year.

Ugadi Pachhadi is a mixture of six tastes. This food is consumed during the New Year. This food represents the six different tastes of life which are: sadness, happiness, anger, fear, disgust, surprise. This food tells us that we need to accept all these in life. With all these different tastes life becomes beautiful.

The significance of this special dish is mentioned below:

  • Neem buds with the taste of bitterness signifies sadness.
  • Jaggery and ripe banana with a sweet taste signifies happiness.
  • Green chilly with the hot taste signifies anger.
  • Salt with the salty taste signifies fear.
  • Tamarind with a sour taste signifies disgust.
  • Unripe Mango with a tang represents surprise.

As a part of the New Year ritual, people listen to the religious Panchangam (almanac) during New Year. 'Panchanga Sravanam' is a gathering where people gather for the general forecast of the coming year. This show is telecasted on the television for those who cannot be a part of the gathering. As a part of the celebration there are literary discussions, poetry recitations and recognition of authors of literary works and different cultural programs. Recitals of classical Carnatic music along with classical dance are mandatory for the Telugu New Year.

As a part of the festival people meet and greet all the near and dear ones.

Food for the festival
As a part of New Year the special dishes cooked by the people are:
  1. Obbattu or Holige
  2. Bhakshyalu or Bobbatlu (Polelu
  3. Puran Poli

The New Year
There is a belief that the New Year day celebrated in the Deccan part of India was created by Lord Brahma. The other name of Ugadi is Chaitra suddha padhyami. From this day the Hindu lunar calendar is also calculated. People chant the mantra. This day is a day of worship and well being.

The New Year day is the day to wear new clothes and pray to lord for the well being of all. The best dishes are cooked and eaten. On this day people also meet their relatives and friends. Several gifts are given out.

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