Saturday, May 30, 2015

Best New Year SMS

With many best wishes New Year 2015 has reached and now it’s time to relish and enjoy your moment. New Year not only comes just for the sake of changing the year and it reminds you this time you have to do something new where you take strong resolution and confidently keep strength to fulfill your dreams.

In this New Year 2015 you start your day by sending the SMS to your friends and that SMS belongs to wishes so, for that you don’t have to worry at all while this Best New Year SMS that you deliver to you all friends that ideal day. New Year wishes can be easily collected by online when you visit the site you find different collections of New Year SMS. There are plenty of Best New Year SMS that can be simply downloaded from online and you may choose according to your choice and that can be forwarded to your all persons.

The SMS includes love SMS, jokes SMS, shayri types of SMS and many more. You can send the SMS to your boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, and others. All types of small and big New Year SMS are available that are best to send to your entire peer groups.

  • New Year 2015 is on its way. I am here to post one and read what others have to say. May this new year 2015 get better and better each passing day. Happy New Year.

  • Hope dis coming new year is better than this year,specially my luv life.

  • New year is a birth of new hopes, continuous dreams and everlasting love. Look forward to it without regretting what you have left behind. And remember to better yourself in every possible way.
Best New Year SMS
Best New Year SMS
  • N Notorious dudes and pretty girls, E enjoy, W With wine and winter, Y You must, E experience, A ample of happy moments and, R roar loudly coz its new year.

  • Masjid toh abhi duur hai chalo kisi akele ko ek hasi de de. Make someone smile this new year. We are His children. Lets take care of each other this new year and try and make as many people happy as we can.

  • May this NEW YEAR be full of HAPPINESS and GOODY GOODY THINGS. I wish God bestows all his blessings upon all N New Hopes E Evil thoughts vanish W Wishes for ALL Y Y not to do always GOOD to others. E Experiments make u learn in LIFE so try new ones. Do not expect anythings. Just give ur BEST GOD JI will definitely HELP A adore everyone R Radiance of JOY Spread all over the WORLD.

  • I never asked for expensive gifts your precious love was enough for me. So this new year i wish for your priceless love.

  • My 3 wishes this new years eve. May India wins all the future cricket world cups. May Rajnikanth becomes worlds highest paid actor. May Kolaveri Di becomes national anthem for Lovers of India.

  • Wish that the New Year makes you, More wise, More clever, And, more tolerable. Happy new 2015.

  • May 2015 gives you what you deserve and makes you capable enough to achieve what you desire. Have a happy life. Cheers. Welcome 2015.

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