Friday, May 29, 2015

Chinese New Year Activities

Celebrating Chinese New Year with a party? Spring Cleaning done, Reunion Dinner enjoyed, Storytelling session over. Now what? Want to create your own d├ęcor for your party? Or want to keep the kids busy in a creative way during the party? 

Resort to activities that would be fun to create and wonderful to behold. A great way to group together your family for some fun and action!
Chinese New Year Activities
Chinese New Year Activities
For the year of the snake: Roll out modeling clay to form a long dough. Make one end a little pointed for the snake’s tail. Roll out another small thin strip, fold it in halves and stick it to the head to make the tongue. Two small beads stuck in will make the eyes. Now paint as you wish to give it design.

  • Light up with Lanterns: Take a colored piece of paper and fold it to form a narrow strip of triangle. Now with a scissor cut along the lines half way through the paper. Then unfold the paper and glue the edges to form your lantern. Cut out a semi-circle from another piece of paper and glue it to the lantern to form its handle.
  • Remember, the outcome need not be perfect. Or the spills and mess should not be harped upon. They would not last. What would remain with you are the sweet memories of togetherness with your family and friends, and, they are priceless!

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