Friday, May 29, 2015

Chinese New Year Quotes

As we see our New Year Resolutions made during the onset of the Gregorian turning of calendar fade away with time and tide, it’s time to refocus and get our grip back to organize our life again with the Chinese New Year. 

Traditionally Chinese New Year quotations talk about health, prosperity, peace and wisdom.

  • Keep your mind as green as the bamboo shoots this New Year for good prospects to bloom in thousands.
  • Let the Water Snake bring mobility and tranquility in your New Year for change is always good when made for the betterment.

  • Chinese New Year Quotes
    Chinese New Year Quotes
  • The tranquility of the water meets the stability of earth and the warmth of fire to make the Year of Snake full of lively variations.
  • Just as the snake sheds its skin, may you turn a complete new leaf in this New Year of the Snake to turn to greener pastures.
  • Do not be afraid to face odds this New Year – a gem is perfected only by friction – a man’s best comes out only in adversity.
  • You cannot stop clouds of sorrow to fly over your head, but this New Year resolve not to get drenched by them.

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