Friday, May 29, 2015

Chinese New Year Signs and Symbols

Chinese New Year celebrations are full of symbolism. Having a rough idea about them would help you to tune in to the spirit. 

Certain symbols are considered auspicious, while others are considered to bring in misfortune. Even speaking out negative words are prohibited during the festive period.
  • Fu and Feng: Paper cuttings of the Chinese characters Fu and Feng are placed in the homes. The former is believed to bring in luck while the latter promises a bountiful harvest.
Lai-See Envelopes
Lai-See Envelopes
  • Chinese Dragon: These are mythological creatures that symbolize the auspicious and the potent. They are believed to have control over water in all forms. They represent power and strength.
  • Chinese Lanterns: Lanterns represent peace, harmony and blessings as they guide everyone to their own home after the period of celebration and festivity.
  • Red Envelope: Traditionally, the elders hand out a red envelop with money to the younger ones as gift. The red brings good luck while the money in it is a wish for prosperity and abundance all round the year.
  • Red: This color is believed to bring in luck.
  • Gold: This color is the symbol of prosperity.
  • White: This color is considered as a symbol of misfortune and is avoided during the celebrations.

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