Friday, May 29, 2015

Chinese New Year SMS

Spread the New Year cheer Chinese style with flamboyance, cheer, happiness and gaiety with these Chinese New Year SMS. 

Whether you celebrate the occasion yourself and you want to wish your family and peers, or you want to reach out and wish a friend who celebrates the occasion, these SMS would be your handy tips to formulate your own. Yes, add that personal touch for the extra warmth.
  • As the first morning of the Chinese New Year shines, here’s wishing you and your family prosperity and auspicious blessings.
Chinese New Year SMS
Chinese New Year SMS
  • As the sun rises on the Chinese New Year day, may your fortune rise to greater heights, your heart be filled with happiness and peace, and your life be blessed with longevity and abundance.
  • Just as a journey of thousand miles should begin with a single step, begin your yearlong journey of positivity with one positive thought.
  • This Chinese New Year, here’s wishing you endurance in moments of anger, patience when in trying times and courage to march on.
  • This Chinese New Year, learn to change yourself if you cannot change your surroundings – if you cannot ward off darkness, learn to light a lamp.

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