Saturday, May 30, 2015

Cute New Year SMS Text Messages

Cute New Year SMS Text Messages show your loved ones how much soft space you have reserved for them in your heart. These are heartfelt words scribbled from the bottom of the heart. These are crisp and short messages that get directly to the point. These could be your best friends as you plan to pen a SMS message that is as cute as the person you intend to send it to.
  • Let every day of this New Year bask in the warmth of love and happiness.

  • The year in the calendar changes after every 365 days, but my good wishes remain with you throughout the year. Wish you and your family a prosperous and very happy new year.

  • Let the sorrows be out and happiness be in, slowly and steadily let the New Year begin Happy New Year.

  • May the 2015 New Year teach you to enjoy the simple pleasure of life that add up to make a wonderful life.

Cute New Year SMS Text Messages
Cute New Year SMS Text Messages
  • May this New Year 2015 turn out to be the best 365 days of your life. Happy New Year 2015.

  • We may be living miles apart, but you are always in my thoughts as an old year gives way to a Happy New Year 2015.

  • This New Year, grab every opportunity to erase all the bad memories and create wonderful ones instead.

  • Wish you happy New Year. May this New Year give you 1000 more reasons to celebrate and remain happy. Have a great Year ahead.

  • Add the happiness and subtract the pains of last year to welcome the brand new year with smile on your face. Wish you a very prosperous new year.

  • In this New Year, forget the past, welcome the present and cherish the future. Happy new year to you and your family.

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