Saturday, May 30, 2015

Funny New Year SMS Text Messages

Send Funny New Year SMS Text Messages to all your friends or family who appreciate the significance of beginning the New Year with joy, fun and laughter. As each New Year approaches we all pray to fill up all its 365 days with smile and happiness. These SMS messages are token trendsetters to tell the recipients that you wish that their New Year be always filled with goodwill, cheer, laughter, happiness and gaiety.
  • Let us prepare a list of 10 things that we would want to do in next 5 yrs and at least try and achieve 3 in 2015.

  • Wish a WISH make a tempting DISH Prevent temper else our parties and celebration will hamper DANCE on your favorite songs Party Full On.

  • Dream BIG Fight FEARS Say GET LOST to TEARS Be CONFIDENT of your thoughts BEWARE of unwanted, jealous and scrupulous CHEATS SMARTNESS is what would lead.

  • I checked my temperature and it 106 degree though I am not warm. I amazed which fever is this. OH MY GOD Its New Year. Lets Party.

Funny New Year SMS Text Messages
Funny New Year SMS Text Messages
  • Hello wats up how is life hope its ok i just wanted to wish the best for the next year and God be with you in the next year hope its the best ever.

  • Life is all about having fun with your dear ones try to share as many smiles in 2015 to earn oodles of happiness in 2015. Make dis exciting deal this year rather than a resolution.

  • I wish I could do its a phrase which we would have said a million times in 2014. There is nothing like u can do it and I can not. The power of I can is still under estimated by many. Do not be afraid of making mistakes as be afraid of letting the words I can not get into the dictionary of your life. The might of I can is exponential as compared to the power of I.Q. So do conquer 2015 with a can do attitude.

  • This new years eve I salute the brave people of Japan who first survived the nuclear strikes and now the worst natural disaster, Tsunami. Long Live your courage. Happy New Year.

  • Life is like a Bollywood film. You cry for no reason, You laugh for no reason. And, most of the time they help you to forget your own worries for some time. May this new year your life also takes the same route, coupled with hearty laughs and some warm tears. Happy New Year.

  • Do five things on new years eve and make it a memorable one. Plant a tree, Feed hungry children, Clean your neighborhood, Adopt a street dog, Vow to fall in love, even if it is one sided. Happy New Year.

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