Saturday, May 30, 2015

Happy New Year 2016 Wishes

It is time to cheer only why? Of course this question will arise in your mind because this is New Year 2016 where you can enjoy and recreate your day with pomp and gaiety. Start your New Year with strong determination and bliss as this New Year born to make you happy and contended for lifetime so, never regret by remembering the past as you think bygone time is better to forget because ups and down are the rules of life that come and go usually.

So, why not pursue our new life with new way from this New Year.You obtain lots of Happy New Year 2016 Wishes at this New Year because you are now going to start your another birth life. As the newborn child born and get lots of blessing and wishes for their beautiful life as same way the New Year 2016 is like a newborn baby day when they receive wishes and reply wishes with same way so, that days with full of wishes fill your life with prominence and greatness and you become so delighted as you got the blesses from your elders.

New Year comes every year to remind you to lead at the right path without any trouble so;take as a gift the Happy New Year 2016 Wishes and go ahead always at correct direction.

Happy New Year 2015 Wishes
Happy New Year 2016 Wishes
  • Lets thank God, our parents and our friends for accepting us all through the year that passed and hoping that they would still love us for what we are in the coming year.

  • On this new year, let wish for some more peace and love to be there in the world. Lets adopt one single religion i.e. Kindness and Humanity.

  • Lets come to promise ourselves to make new year for the love of humanity and make this world peaceful, your each step will lead the world, our act will pave the way for all the persons who really needs care of you, woman right, child rights, person with disablity, person elderly and all other rights which are very much close to you but your act ignore them. So let us promise to make our act positive with all humanity.

  • Donate any one of your old sweaters or jackets or any winter wear to people who do not have cozy houses and sleep on the footpaths. Lets spread some warmth on this new year.

  • Let us all thank God for giving us this beautiful life..and pray for a beautiful year to come with loads of beautiful moments and beautiful people with beautiful hearts making it a beautiful life forever.

  • Happy New Year to all of you. God makes all of your legal dreams to come true in this year. Keep smiling.

  • You will not get anything by defeating others by WRONG MEANS. Competition is GOOD but HEALTHY COMPETITION IS BETTER. God will help those only who are HONEST and DO NOT THINK ILL of others.

  • Forget the darkness of 2013, plan the cheers of 2016 tears will fade, joy will live forever. Yesterday MIGHT have been spent in MAY NOT be like a dream but there would SURELY be a tomorrow when you will be showered with true happiness, love and prosperity. Keep your spirits high.

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