Saturday, May 30, 2015

Happy New Year SMS Messages

Happy New Year SMS Messages are the echoes of aspirations that one has at the onset of a brand New Year. As the calendar changes, we like to fill up our heart with hopes for a greener and lovelier set of 365 days. We wish the same for our loved ones too. The SMS Messages are one of the fastest and most convenient way to express your wish before your family, friends or acquaintances.
  • May this New Year bless you with wisdom and experience you would cherish for a lifetime.

  • May this New Year bring you clarity of vision backed by the courage to act.

  • Distance is never a barrier for me to send you good wishes and cheer to say Happy New Year.

  • Here is wishing you health, wealth, happiness and life is very best at the onset of New Year.

    Happy New Year SMS Messages
    Happy New Year SMS Messages

  • Here is wishing you recognition and affection to make your New Year a rewarding one.

  • Here is wishing you vision and mission to march ahead with high spirit this New Year.

  • Hold on to your dreams and strive to give them wings to take off this New Year.

  • Hold on you a special cause dear to your heart this New Year and try to make small positive changes in the world around you.

  • Hope God gifts you a pure soul and happy times to make your New Year a blessed one.

  • Just pop open the champagne and shout the cheers and party hard to welcome the New Year any serious thinking can be left for the other 364 days.

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