Saturday, May 30, 2015

New Messages For Happy new Year

New messages for Happy New Year are proof of the fact that we continuously strive to bring you ideas of the best possible ways to make each New Year special for you and your loved ones. We have recently made additions to our collection of Happy New Year messages that are sure to tug the heart strings to whoever you send them to. These help you to bridge every distance and renew the ties.
  • I wish All Happy New year 2015. This New year will be full of Happiness and victotius new year for all.

  • Wish I was older like wine, so that with every new year's eve you would consume me with more love and more passion than ever.

  • Wishing you a New Year that is wonderful from the very beginning And as the year progresses, May you find numerous reasons to think of it as the best year of your life. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015.

New Messages For Happy new Year
New Messages For Happy new Year
  • Among the Great and Glorious Gifts our Heavenly Father gives us, is the Gift of Understanding We found in Loving Friends. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  • As we bid adieu to 2013, we should bid adieu to the loads of tensions that we carry in our head. Whenever life closes one door that we thought was ideal, it opens another one that is even better just that we realize it a bit later. Offload the words mistakes from your life and replace it with Opportunities and learn from day to day things in life but ensure you are always progressing. Wishing 2015 opens million such doors for you.

  • Like chocolate cake goes perfect with wine. My new years eve will be imperfect without your hug. Please be with me on this new years eve.

  • May this new year ends the three ever persisting disputes in India, The demon of reservation, the Kashmir conflict, the killing of girl child. Happy New Year.

  • As Don says, Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nai namumkin hai, may this year you always prosper and may sorrows would never be able to catch you.

  • Years are passing away,every thing and every body is changing even me too but not my friendship with u so my dear friend i want to continue the same relation till the end. So my dear friends enjoy this new year by welcoming new thoughts in our minds. Happy new year to all.

  • Hope the New Year bring you lots of reasons to smile.

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