Friday, May 29, 2015

New Year Greetings Quotes

New Year Greetings Quotes are words of famous people that uphold the spirit of New Year. These could be inspirational, motivational, humorous, or matter of fact.

These have been created out of the worldly experiences of that these personalities have gone through and as such are very close to life.

We bring for you a series of such quotes for you to use them as you wish your folks a radiant and happy New Year.
  • Life is a mixture of sunshine, rain may be dark clouds but 1 things is true no cloud is so dark that sun can not shine through morning. Happy New Year!

  • Care is the ultimate gift you should give to your family and friends. In their hearts, there is not anything else that they wish to receive from you.

  • We use our head too much these days, and because we do that, we cannot make any sense out of love. Happy New Year!
New Year Greetings Quotes
New Year Greetings Quotes
  • Being Human printed on numerous t shirts. Lets ensure we understand the depth of humanity and stick to Being Human in 2015.

  • What we forget in our lives if to express our feelings to not say the obvious ensure in 2015 u always have a leakage in the tube of your feelings whenever u feel like acknowledging someone for their deeds, make sure u do it, do not feel shy in telling your parents or spouse etc that u love them.

  • Every year we party with friends on NYE. This yr try and celebrate it an orphanage. There is no bigger satisfaction than being able to bring smile on someones face. Try and dedicate at least a week in 2015 for service to mankind.

  • To change to system, u have to be in the system to stop corruption at the national level, stop corruption at an individual level first. Let us try and liberate India in 2015 from corruption.

  • Promise yourself to fulfill all the resolution and New goals, Make this year smoke and alcohol free. Happy New Year 2015!

  • This new year, donate some money to some organization that help children get education. Lets initiate it this year so that we have generation where child becomes the father of man.

  • In this New Year, I wish you get everything that you wish. Happy new year to you and your family.

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