Saturday, May 30, 2015

New Year Love Messages - Happy New Year 2016

New Year Love Messages paint your feelings in words and carry it to your sweetheart to make her/him feel extra special. They not only convey your wishes to make the advent of New Year more special but also express the warmth of your heart.

Here are a few New Year loved messages that are sure to make your dear one feel cherished –

  • With the New Year, people get busy planning for the next 365 days. However, I plan to be with you till death do us part.

  • I don’t need to pop open a bottle of champagne to celebrate the New Year. Your presence by my side is intoxicating and celebratory enough.

    New Year Love Messages
    New Year Love Messages
  • My only wish for the New Year is to have you in my arms all the year round and seal our love with the deepest kiss that would touch your soul.

  • My New Year gift for you is delicate and fragile – my heart – please handle with care.

  • I feel blessed to have you by my side as we welcome a brand New Year – you are my guardian angel who would be my lucky charm all the year round.

  • This New Year your love would light a lamp in my life that shall inspire me to take every hurdle to my stride.

  • This New Year I have nothing more to ask from God for I have been gifted with the best treasure in the world – You – and that is a gift enough to last me a lifetime and beyond.

  • The New Year is the best time to let you know all over again how much I appreciate all the sweet things you do for me that makes the humdrum of daily routine so much more bearable.

  • This New Year I secretly thank God for creating a heart that beats in the same frequency as mine.

  • Your love has healed every scar that life left on my heart. So this New Year I resolve to remove all the thorns from the path of your life and fill it with roses.

  •  This New Year God conspired with the stars to send a person right into my life who complements me like a tailor made suit.

  • This New Year is a promise to make each upcoming New Year a special one adding feathers of celebration in the cap of our relationship.

  • This New Year I vow not to let any cloud of sorrow ever reach the horizon of your life.

  • This New Year let is invite love and harmony to our lives in unison to erase all the differences between us.

  • This New Year I gift you the key to my heart – take care never to lose it.

  • This New Year I raise a toast for the health, wealth and prosperity of the person I cherish the most – You.

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