Friday, May 29, 2015

New Year Love SMS

It is time to express your love to your dear ones through various New Year Love SMS via your phone. Yes, New Year 2015 coming to your door and knocking to welcome all over the world. It is great and lots of enjoyment will have during this special day as the New Year comes to make you strong and boost your confidence to give you some firm resolution in your life.

It is most memorable day in your life forever where you forget past and start new life with your family and friends that special occasions can be forgot anytime. Lots of people who will want to express their feelings in this New Year to their lovers so, be dare to show that love affectionate to your partner by New Year Love SMS. Message your boyfriends and girlfriends giving them love wishes through many love SMS in this coming New Year 2015.

New Year Love SMS
New Year Love SMS
True love always be achieved so, don’t afraid that you will lose you love even, anyhow and any way your love is true so, that you will get it by any crook and hook. Never hide your feelings towards someone just express them by messaging them with beautiful quotes and love SMS.

  • Make your wife feel loved and cared for this 1st January 2015. Get up early and make tea and breakfast for her. And wake her up with a nice warm kiss. And tell her how much you love her. This is much better than a disco party or night outs. Happy New Year.

  • I hav luved, i hav lied, i hav hurt, i hav lost, i hav missed, i hav trusted, i hav made mistakes, but most of all i hav learnt. Happy New Year.

  • Want a DISCO like PARTY on NEW YEAR EVE and that too at HOME. WHAT to do. WELL accumulate all the torch lights in your house and cover them with colored transparent sheets and start SHAKING the torch LIGHTS while DANCING and ENJOY.

  • FOR THE PEOPLE WHO WANTS TO SPEND THEIR DAY ONLY WITH THEIR LOVED ONE. On this New Year Eve or on New Year, start your day with a good movie, then a special lunch, then go for shopping and then go for STROLL and then have a CANDLE LIGHT DINNER. ENJOY.

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