Saturday, May 30, 2015

New Year Mobile SMS

New Year mobile SMS are our attempt to help you put your New Year wishes comprehensively keeping in mind the character restrictions of a text message so that you can bring a smile to the face of your near and dear ones even without having to spin out loads of words. Choose one beforehand so that you can send it right at the onset of the New Year before the networks get jammed.
  • With each passing year we grow and learn with each passing year we progress yes there are defeats yes there are regrets, but we need to be strong and rational for years to come. I wish all strength and prosperity in coming year ahead. Happy new year to all.

  • Wipe your tears bring all smiles walk a few miles and your sweetheart will be there in a while to wish you New Year.

  • It is a fact that YOU cannot change your ACTIONS done in PAST but YES this is also a fact that you can make amendments in your ACTIONS in PRESENT by realizing your WRONG ACTIONS and start a NEW BEGINNING in order to make a BRIGHT FULL FUTURE. HOPE THIS YEAR you follow the RIGHT PATH and ATTAIN GODs HAPPINESS.

    New Year Mobile SMS
    New Year Mobile SMS

  • May GOD bestows all his BLESSINGS upon you and YOUR LOVED ones in the coming NEW YEAR 2015 and in every year ahead and also GUIDE ALL every time so YOU LEAD A PATH of TRUTH and PEACE.

  • Have some Food and some Beer, Party all night, spread the cheer.

  • Spread love to nears and dears May 2015 Bring Joy and Cheers.

  • On the verge of end is Year 2014 May Bring Happiness and Charm Year 2015.

  • 10 9 8 Can not hardly wait 7 6 5 New Year has arrived 3 4 2 for me and you 1 more year of joy and cheer.

  • Satyug Rama, Dwapar Krishna Kalyug has brought Hazare Anna This New Year brings Cheers for us all United we stand, Divided we shall fall.

  • Yellow, Blue, Red and Green Christmas Trees we all have preened. Wonderful 2014 has been Misltoe and Golden Bells Now we wait for 2015.

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