Saturday, May 30, 2015

Text Messages for New Year 2016

Text messages for New Year 2016 help you to reach out to your near and dear ones at a jet speed to wish them a wonderful start to the brand New Year. We offer a plethora of choices ranging from formal ones for your colleagues or teachers, romantic ones for your soul mate, funky ones for your friends, etc. – all keeping in mind texting character limitations. Browse them and then add your personal touch to make your New Year wish special and warm.

  • May this new year bring forth the one who you always wanted to meet your true soulmate with whom you would celebrate all the coming New Year of your life. Wishing you a lucky happy new year.

  • I have seen a lot of families suffering from poverty, hunger,hate,anger. I have seen a lot of relations broken like rain from sky. Even though a lot of smiles, love made me happy. Everything just hapened in these last 365 days of 2014. I don't wanna see more. Let this year bring the glory of happiness, joy, smile just as in the face of an infant. Lets hope for the best. Love u all. Nd i wish u happy NEW YEAR. Lets welcome 2016 with a smile.
Text Messages for New Year 2015
Text Messages for New Year 2016
  • May the new year bring tremendous joy to the world. Here's, wishing for the eradication of poverty and sorrows. Wishing for success and content in people's hearts wishing for unconditional love, warmth, care and feeling of oneness.

  • After d Christmas Jingles its time to again mingle to party all night because its it New Years' Eve tonight. Happy new Year.

  • On this New Year, may the Almighty shower his blessings on you fill your life with endless joy and bliss and make your life the best one could ever have.

  • May God bestow all his blessings on you on this New Year. Have a wonderful year filled with infinite joys and happiness.

  • I wish a sweet wish a wish i Wish Mum makes my favorite dish papa buy me an aquarium with golden fish I wish a sweet wish a wish i wish. May every person in this world enjoy the new year's eve. Happy New Year.

  • My wish for the coming new year is merely as a layman wish. My simple wish is to be a nice and good human being and second wish is to share happiness with my family and surrounding atmosphere.

  • I wish to play under the sun, in the mud, with small children, in the rain. Play is equivalent to being Jovial.

  • I wish there is some light bestowed upon our corrupt minds in 2016, with which we can behave in a more human way,in a more subtle way, dispelling the darkness from our souls.

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