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2015 New Year Messages for Greetings

It is customary to pay regards to our elders and shower blessings on our young ones on the occasion of the New Year by sending them our best greetings. It is time you have to find out the best collection of Happy New Year messages and New Year Greeting Messages to be sent out to your buddies, family and distant relatives to wish them good things at the start of a brand new year. 

You can pen down your own messages and greetings if you are blessed with a creative streak and for those deprived of this skill can look through cards that come with thoughtful messages. Choose from an extensive collection of New Year messages and greetings as mentioned below.

New Year 2015
New Year 2015

Significance Of New Year

New Year is one of the most celebrated and awaited events in the annual calendar. People across the world wait for this time of the year when they can embark on new journeys and make new beginnings. Celebrations for New Year kick start from Christmas onwards in many countries. There are different traditions observed in different parts of the world for ushering in the New Year.  The enormous significance of New Year can be gauged from the fact that preparations for elaborate parties and events for ringing in New Year start much before the actual date. People come out in their best clothes and put their best foot forward to bid adieu to the year gone by and to welcome another year. New Year just do not signify change in the calendar but for many of us it means a fresh start, another year filled with lucrative opportunities to do things that we have always dream of doing and it also indicates new aspirations and new dreams.

Happy New Year 2015
Choose from our cool collection of 2015 New Year Messages for Greetings for sending to your dear ones on this new year's day

New Year Greeting Messages 2015

New Year is the time to establish cordial relations and build up new friendship.
Wish that our bond does not break and we enjoy good times together in this New Year. Happy New Year!
May 2015 brings you
Immense Joy and Pleasures all round the year
May you be blessed with all the happiness and beautiful things
Make the year as eventful as you it to be
Let the sparkling fireworks in the sky,
Fill up your life with colors of joy, happiness and prosperity
May your success soar as high as these dazzling rockets in the sky
Wishing you a bright happy New Year 2015

New Year Text Messages and New year Wishes Messages

New Year comes to fill up our hearts with new dreams and fresh hopes,
Aspirations for a better and joyful future
New Year gives us courage to see new dream
And gives us the strength to face new challenges with confidence
Wish this New Year you get chance to fulfill all your dreams
May you are blessed with success
And Blessings of God always remain with you
Happy New Year  
New Year is the time for fun and party
Time to reflect on the past and to look forward to a great start
Time to enjoy and take rest
Wish you can take out time for all this and much more in the year ahead
Wishing you a great year of celebration
Happy New Year 2015 and Seasons Greetings

2015 New Year
2015 New Year

Happy New Year Greetings and New year Wishes for Friends

As we step into another New Year
I promise to be there with you at every step
Be at your help in your endeavor at achieving great things
And To Support You In every Good Deed
My Friend
Happy New Year
May the lovely bond of friendship that we established
And the camaderie that we shared in the past years
Grow with love and respect for each other manifold
On each day of the coming year
Happy New Year my buddy
No matter how much we have fought over little things in the past
How much we have stayed angry on each other
No distance have ever been so huge that could cause a rift in our friendship
And wish that it continues to be so even in 2015
Hope to cross many more milestones with you on my side
Seasons Greetings to My Best Buddy

2015 Wallpapers
2015 Wallpapers

New Year Resolutions and Funny New Year Messages

Hope God gives you the courage and blesses you with the determination to remain firm at your words and fulfill the New Year resolutions you have taken for 2015.
Let this year be the change from the last one when the resolutions were forgotten on the morning of the next day after the arrival of the New Year. Hope you will work towards your goals sincerely.
Is this what I am hearing is right? You are determined to work towards your goals. Hope it does not turn out to be the joke that you end up making with your resolutions every year.
Make history in 2015 by sticking to your resolutions this year.
For a change, do not break the resolutions taken for the New Year in stead find ways to fulfill them to make people look up to you every year.
Wishing you a year that brings with you some valuable lessons on how you can keep your words.

Happy New Year Wallpapers 2015
Happy New Year Wallpapers 2015

New Year Messages For Kids

You are the bundle of joy and this New Year is another opportunity for us to show you how much you mean in our lives. Thanks for coming in our lives and making it beautiful.
My happiness revolves around you and it is you who have lend a new meaning to my life. Happy new year to the most beautiful angel of the town
The world would seem a cruel and dull place without you
I will be lost without you
Happiness would cease to exist without you
And this message would have no meaning without you
Happy New Year and Seasons Greetings to the most wonderful kid
I wish the sun will protect you during day
And the moon will cover you with its light through the dark nights
Hope the wind caresses you at every step
Praying all the elements of earth to work in your favor my child
Happy 2015
This message is for a special child
Who will always remain a kid no matter how much he grows up
You will be loved
No matter what may come in the years ahead
You will always be cared for
No matter how much drudgery we experience
We will always be there in this New year and the rest of our lifetime
Happy New Year

HD Pictures 2015
HD Pictures 2015

New Year Wishes For Father

If angels are for real then I have already one in the form of my Dad
You have been my inspiration when I am down
My courage when I am low on spirit
My words when I fail to speak
You have given me everything I could ever ask to be the person I am now
Thanks for blessing me with your love and care
You have lighted up every dark road and guided me to walk on the path of success. Thanks for being the most wonderful father. Happy New Year
It is your stern discipline when I acted as a brat
Your love when I felt uncared
Your words of courage when I felt coward
Your support when I was down on my knees
And your pat on my back when I achieved something
That made me a stronger and a better human being
Happy New Year Dad!

Happy New Year 2015 Wishes Greeting Cards
Happy New Year 2015 Wishes Greeting Cards

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