Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Happy New Year 2016 Greetings

Happy new year 2016 Greetings. We have wonderful collection of Happy new year 2016 Greetings to wish your near and dear ones on this new year. Go through this collection and enjoy the warmth of Happy new year 2016.
  • The new year brings good luck into the house, and gives you everything you need. You have to do something truly to welcome this I wish all the best for the new year.
  • The last 2-3 days of this year. Thanks for those who hated me to make me strong. Thanks to those who loved me to make my heart big. Thanks to those who left me to made me realize nothing last forever. Thanks for those who entered into my life to make me what I am today. Thanks to all and wish you a very Happy new year.
New Year 2015 Greetings
New Year 2015 Greetings
Happy New Year 2015 Greetings
Happy New Year 2015 Greetings

  • Leave the pain, be happy and forget fear Have a bottle of bear, because its happy new year.
  • The old year is over today, but tomorrow will always comes. I wish a you to be super strong and hope you do not loose too much to you. Happy new year.
  • People usually RUN after materialistic things and find fake HAPPINESS in them . But the truth is FAKE HAPPINESS is for less time. INSTEAD go for REAL HAPPINESS by running AFTER GOD.
  • Worlds population is increasing steeply, while the trustworthy population is declining. Wish this problem is resolved by end of 2015.
  • Time to say good bye to you, I never wanted to say this but may be its in our destiny. I loved you so much but now it time to move on. I will never forget you. Love you Year 2015.
  • Dear 2015, soon it will be time to say good bye. I am glad I could meet you. I am Thankful for all you gave me. There are many special memories which I owe to you. Hope your friend 2016 will be as good as you.

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