Wednesday, June 24, 2015

New Year 2016 SMS

New year 2016 SMS are a wonderful collection of thoughtful messages that you can send at a click of a button to the ones you care for as they prepare to begin the new year with gusto. New year is all about building bridges in relationships, formal or intimate. These messages help you do just that in a crisp and smart way without spilling out too many words so as not to overwhelm the recipient.

    • May you have the courage to do away with your vices and nurture your virtues this new year.

    • May you ring out all that are not-so-good with the old year, and ring in all that are good with the new year.

    • Let this new year usher in your life a new dawn of hope and inspiration.

New Year 2015 SMS
New Year 2015 SMS
    • May happiness, success and good luck kiss your feet as you step in to a brand new year.

    • May Lady Luck send opportunities galore your way all through the new year.

    • May the age old maxim Live and Let Live guide you this new year to bring you peace and harmony.

    • May the empty pages of timesheet get filled up with exciting entries this new year.

    • May the new year find you relaxed, peaceful, joyous and contented as well as surrounded by loved ones.

    • May the new year give you wonderful memories to toast and cheer. Happy new year.

    • May this new year be like a breath of fresh air filling up all your days with fragrance.

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