Friday, July 3, 2015

Chinese New Year Poems

Chinese New Year poems 2017 not only convey the spirit of the lunar New Year, but also are great ways to make a lasting impression if you are in a mood to surprise your peers and family with your commands over words.

Not too flowy, not too crisp; not too flamboyant, not too reserved; not too archaic, not too modern – these poems have been penned in keeping with the mood and spirit of the occasion. Chinese New Year celebration is a blend of vibrant gaiety and a somber attempt to learn from experiences of the past and make plans for bettering the future.

Chinese New Year poems attempt to do just that. You can have these calligraphed on scrolls to make home d├ęcor for the occasion, or simply write them on greeting cards, money envelopes or gift notes adding an artistic touch.

Chinese New Year Poems
Chinese New Year Poems

Here are a few sample Chinese New Year poems that you can share with those you care for –

• Sound of firecrackers fill up the air
Lights from lanterns light up way fare
Cymbals and gongs are sounded by people
While Dragon dancers parade in the middle
Where roads are thronged by crowds who are merry
For Chinese New Year celebrations are always very cheery.

• Fireworks light up the night sky
Beautiful lanterns are hung that are treats for the eyes
Sweet trays are put out for the Children
And red packets add the touch that is golden
Blessings and wishes oh so many
Establish peace and also harmony.

• As a huge Dragon comes dancing our way
Also a Lion follows in haste
They add color to our holiday
And add festive cheer to the Chinese New Year’s Day
Let homes be adorned with lights and lamps
Where we can all come together to sing and dance.

• May the tide of Luck always be high
As the Chinese New Year gets ready to take you for a ride
No hurdle should ever touch the height you shall reach
No bond of trust should ever be breached
Remember to celebrate the changes in tide
To remember all the moments that were bright
Always be humble to the acts of fate
And remember that blessings carry great weight
May you set sail even in the face of the wind
And this New Year turn out to be pristine and prim.

• One whole year has passed
Let us give it a farewell that would be a blast
With delightful sounds of firecrackers that scare away the Evil
Let happiness fill up your homes and spill
Spring wind fills up the air with warmth
The feeling is reciprocated by family gathered around a hearth
Times are always changing like waves and tides
Let us all welcome the New Year with hopes that are bright.

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